Wowitsyou. Yoga Towel


Wowitsyou. Yoga Towel Kit includes:
  • Premium Yoga Towel
  • FREE Carrier

*Due to popular demand, we are left with 10 Yoga Towel.

*LIFETIME warranty is only available to the first 200 customers.

A mother of 2 children, a vandweller, who wants to support her children to achieve their dreams.

We created our own yoga towel!

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What Makes Wowitsyou Yoga Towel So Great?

ULTRA-GRIP HOOK™ TECHNOLOGY– The Ultra-Grip- Hook™ waffle texture on the towel surface provides an excellent grip so you don’t skid or slip when doing poses like the downward dog, triangle, or warrior.

HIGHLY ABSORBENT – The problem with yoga mats is that they get slippery when wet. With a breathable fabric and absorbent microfiber top layer, our mat towel effectively soaks up all your sweat

UP TO 10,000 WASHES – We all love products offer value for money. Our item will save you tons in the long run because it can stand up to 10,000 washes—no matter how sweaty you get!

NO BUNCHING – When doing complicated yoga poses, there’s a tendency for your mat to fold. Our PRENIUM silica gel coating come with SPECIAL-SEWN corner pockets you can hook your mat to keep it in place the entire time.

FREE CARRIER – With every purchase, you will receive a FREE carrier for your yoga towel! The best part? You are able to wash your carrier too! Say bye-bye to germs and bacteria.

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wowitsyou yoga towel
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Ashe on wowitsyou yoga towel

I saw this on amazon and decided to purchase here because they were having a promotion. I LOVE THIS SET! Usually, I will be drowned in sweat but this yoga mat totally works! AWESOME!

by Anonymous on wowitsyou yoga towel

Just received my mat. Unlike what other reviewers noted there was no smell whatever when unpacking it. Initially I was concerned about this reading earlier reviews but was pleasantly surprised for this not to be the case. Some of those reviews predate mine by months - perhaps there was a change in production process? Airing it out prior to packaging? New material composition? Perhaps the manufacturer can comment.

The mat is thick and comfortable, and the price can’t be beat comparing it to similar products that often sell for a multiple of the price of this one.

It does appear a little fragile near the edges though - merely cut out with no protection or seal along the cutting edges. I can’t comment yet whether this may or may not become an issue w.r.t. wear after prolonged use. However at this price one cannot really complain. I am not sure if more pricey products vary significantly in this regard.

The carrying strap is very convenient - both for carrying, as well as storage.. Keeps it tidy and compact.

Overall I can recommend this product. I will update after prolonged use.

by Anonymous on wowitsyou yoga towel

Good product, thick enough so you don’t feel like you are sitting on the floor compared to others I’ve purchased which seem cheap and too thin.

by km503 on wowitsyou yoga towel

I was worried about buying this mat because most of the reviews at the time seemed to be from people who had received the product for free. However, I'm quite happy with my purchase—the mat is very soft and thick and makes for a comfortable surface pretty much anywhere. As someone else stated, there is a weird fishy smell right out of the package, but it dissipates quickly.

by Anonymous on wowitsyou yoga towel

really like this mat. It’s thick and works great on my wood floors. I bought it to replace another more expensive Gaiam mat that was supposed to be “extra thick” but was not. The strap is handy and the price is fantastic!